FME Unveils Its New Line of Products

In January, FME announced three new Magento Extensions all with interesting and revenue generating ideas. What makes these more interesting are the following facts,

  1. Generate maximum revenue in events like Christmas, Valentine and other holidays.
  2. Get conversions from CMS pages
  3. Provide Image slideshow or front/back image views on product mouse over

Let us briefly see each of these products and how do they work.

Event Discount Manager Magento Extension

The name of this plugin will give you a clue but what you can achieve with this plugin is enormous. It fulfills the need and urge for store owners to maximize their profits on yearly events such as holidays, ceremonies and any kind of event. FME has developed stand alone tools such as Product labels that can be used to put special discount labels onto each product for occasions. But to make group deals and packages Event Discount Manager is a perfect tool.

How it works

To create group deals Event Discount Manager provides comprehensive management module. You can create unlimited deals based on events and packages.

  1. First of all create your desired event. The image below shows how much information you can manage by adding event. You can configure Meta information, effective dates and use image for this particular event as well.

magento events extension

           2. Create packages, add products and categories to them and select what     price you will offer. Your price will be shown as prominent where as the market price will appear in strike through format.

Events Discounts Magento

group deals magento


Checkout for more details and comprehensive list of admin features you can use to configure packages. It’s all new idea, once you have created your deal, on the front end a separate page will list them as shown in the image below. The end result is that you create customer catching deals and get more of your products sold out easily.


Add Products to CMS Magento Extension

CMS pages are those such as FAQ page, About US, Contact US etc. These are visited by users frequently but merchants miss out important opportunity to drive conversions from these places. Every page of your website is too much important and has the potential to drive sales, it’s just the matter of how do you use it. So Add Products to CMS Pages plugin gives you all what it takes to drive more sales from these pages.

magento cms page extensions


CMS Products Magento Extension

You just need to visit any CMS page from Magento Admin panel and configure rules to automatically show products on these pages. Yes it’s all automatic and no manual work, it’s all about your comfort. The end result is a compelling call to action on CMS pages which will expose your store products to customers and get them to purchase it.

List View Product Gallery Magento Extension

List View Product Gallery Magento Extension is a 3 in 1 plugin that gives functionality of three different Magento addons. The theme of this addon is to let users view product images on one spot and checkout without navigating to product pages. It eliminates page reloads and produces efficiency in the work flow for users. How it works? Users just move their mouse over any product image, as long as the mouse is over the product, automatic image slide show will be shown to them or you can configure the extension to display front/back side of image.

magento gallery extensions



list view product gallery

It worked for all type of products such as simple, configurable, grouped, virtual etc. But this is not the end, users can view all images zoomed up in a popup window from where they can easily checkout or add products to wishlist. It really works for clothing, fashion and jewelry stores where users by moving mouse over product can view different angles of it such as front and back. This helps them visualize and make better judgments.

You can view more details and comprehensive list of features these Magento Extensions arrive with. FME is developing new plugins to be released in February. We will come up with the un-veiling session on those as soon as they are ready. Enjoy the time with these plugins till then.

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