How To Speedup Your Magento Store For Free?

If you don’t know then I would be glad to let you know that the instant uploading of your website when someone type in the domain name of your store in the URL bar matters a lot in the search results as well as in grabbing the Google’s Page rank. So, you must be careful about the content you are going to upload on your site because this is the only reason that stops the web entrepreneurs, not to go for flash based websites.

Well, the concern of the time is; how can we minimize the upload time of our E-store? And I would say its “Fooman Speedster” Free of cost Magento extension that will let you to optimize the upload time of your store by gathering, squeezing and caching the CSS/JS. The ultimate functionality of this extension is, reworking how Magento take care of the loading of CSS/JS. “It utilities the Minify library developed by Steve Clay and released under a BSD license”

The extension is thoroughly updated and complies with these versions of Magento (1.2, 1.3, 1.4,, 1.4.2, 1.5 ). if you have a huge store then I highly recommend you to go for it, if you are unable to purchase the premium one of same functionality.

The Benefits of installing Fooman Speedster on your store are:

  • CSS/JS will be combined into a single file for each.
  • File compression with and without the “GZIP” support on your hosting server.
  • Every time you update the JS/CSS files, a fresh URL builds up pursuing the customer’s browser to present the latest version. (Make sure you refresh the Magento cache).
  • Minify sticks with its performance, that CSS images are accordingly presented without taking care of, what package/interface/skin you have on your store.
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