Free Coupons for Top 4 Magento Extensions

Free Coupons for Top 4 Magento Extensions

Along with quality, cost effectiveness matters to website owners as well as visitors. Customers cannot get good experience, trust and confidence to shop if the site owner is not offering any of these elements. Following four Magento extensions will build more credibility, security and trust! Before i go further to list key features, following are the coupon codes;

1. Bookings & Reservations – Apply coupon code “bookresrv10” at following Link

2. Press Releases – Apply coupon code  “pressrel10” at following Link

3. GeoIP Website Security – Apply coupon code  “geoip10” at following link

4. Partial & Recurring Payments – “layaway10” at following link


Let’s get some details about each of the above, for more details please click on above links.

1. Layaway – Magento Recurring Payments

magento partial payments

Never let go those customers who are willing to purchase your products but they cant, because of the missing “Layaway – Recurring Payments option”. One of the biggest tactics to increase sales is by giving customers an option to pay the price in installments. That’s what this plugin offers. It allows you to setup different payments plans for customers, service fees and much more.

Key Features – Magento Payment Module:

  •  Let customers pay in installments, define installment price, period etc.
  • Define layaway charges
  • Setup upfront charges and installment price
  • Apply layaway payments to specific products or all products
  • Magento Discount rules are supported, you can offer discount on any product
  • Customizable tooltips and comments supported
  • More than 7 Magento payment options supported Cash on delivery, Adaptive Payments, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer etc.
  • Customers can manage installments from their accounts
  • Complete reporting on all installments, get all alerts in your inbox automatically


2. Bookings and Reservations

Magento Bookings & Reservation, rental

If you are running any business such as car & apartment rental, then this plugin can help you with its advance reservation management engine.  With calendar, time slots, clock, staff reservation and much more, customers can book what and how they want.

Key Features – Magento booking Calendar:

  • Advance scheduling, allocate time slots, days, weeks or months for any service/product
  • Buffer time period supported
  • Tier pricing supported
  • Location based services feature built-in, choose where the service is provide and set its price accordingly
  • Customers are able to choose desired staff member for service such as therapy, doctor while reservation
  • Add and configure staff members for any service, time etc.
  • Complete reporting, get all reservations in your inbox automatically    


3. Geo IP Ultimate –  Strategic Planning

magento geoip website security

If you do not want to compromise your website security then this plugin can help you with a kind of protection that you will always need. This module works on IP based algorithm, you can monitor all visitors logged onto your website, block/unblock any IP, country or any region.  Not just for safety, but it can be a great help for your strategy. Block your competitors from visiting your site and still allow people to surf it.

Here are the key features of this Magento IP restriction plugin, for more details please visit the above link;

  •  Advance Rules Management engine included. Create advance rules to block access to specific products, categories, stores etc.
  • Block access to page level by using this Magento Geo  location module
  • Create unlimited Access control lists and prioritize them for execution.
  • Redirection is supported, you can redirect blocked users to new destination
  • Custom error messages

4. Press Release

Press Release Management

This Plugin offers Web 2.0 style press release management module. It creates a landing page for press releases with short description, image and read more link. This link will lead readers to detail page which can have videos, image gallery and much more with the help of WYSIWYG editor.

Key features – Magento Blog Update Extension:

  • Advance Press Release Search included
  • Avatars supported
  • Attachment supported
  • Author information can be displayed
  • URL Rewrite supported
  • Image Gallery, Videos can be included in Press Release
  • Archive feature supported
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