Comparison between 2 best Generic Magento Themes – Urban Sports and Noble

Expert comparison between Magento Themes makes it easy for you to decide crucial elements to check as well as increase your sense of judgment. The end result is that you can easily review any Magento Template with respect to its design, color scheme and template features. Today we are making simple comparison of two Best Magento Templates which are developed by different Magento development companies.

Urban Sports vs Noble

Magento Sport Themes



Urban Sports Magento Theme



Magento Themes



Noble Magento Theme



Color Scheme

Urban Sports uses black and white color scheme whereas Noble Magento Theme uses white color overall.

Home Page Comparison

The top section gives somewhat identical look as both Magento Themes offer large size top section. Urban sports offer text at the right side of the top banner whereas Noble uses full width banner. Both have their own advantages. Full width is preferred for apparel, fashion and beauty products, whereas for most of the other situations Text will definitely help. Content is also more useful from search engine point of view.

Generic Magento Templates Home Page Comparsion

Below the main content in Urban Sports Magento Template there is an option to display brands, which can be customized to show images in a pattern like shown in Noble below the banner. There are slight differences in the bottom banner.

Newsletter Sign up:

Newsletter and Breadcrumbs

Noble offers newsletter signup option at the bottom whereas Urban Sports does not. Since it is free, you can easily customize it. Urban sports also use breadcrumbs at the bottom. Noble does not use this feature.

Layered Navigation:


Magento Layered Navigation Features

Both templates offer layered navigation on the left column.


Generic Magento Themes, multi purpose magento themes


Both Magento Themes can be used for multiple purposes such as for fashion or beauty products, artwork etc.

Default Features:

magento default features

Most templates provide features such as pagination, grid/list view, search bar, social icons and multiple language support. Unfortunately Urban Sports does         not offer social icons and multiple language support.

Extra Features:

Magento features

Noble offer beautiful animation for add to cart when mouse is moved over any product. Urban Sports Magento Theme on the other hand offers Shop by brands and multiple product views on detail page.  Furthermore Urban Sports offer Quick cart view on right column from which products can be easily removed without going to cart page.

Price Difference:

free magento themes

Noble is prices at $56 whereas Urban Sports is totally Free.

Let us know how you review both products; it is just a simple comparison without going into depth. In future more details reviews will be made. Please drop by your comments.

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