How to optimize Magento store in search engines?

Search engine optimization is a strategy of making people aware of your brand over the internet, primarily for the web Searchers. Search engine visibility of e-businesses is most important ingredient to nurture fruitful results in terms of making more sales. It can help in taking your E-shop on a new significance, which definitely makes your brand prominent in front of potential buyers.

SEO plays a very major role in bringing constant traffic to your store. Although Magento comes with many SE optimized features, but a fully SEO optimized magento shop can be done in the following ways.

Optimize your home:

A search engine friendly home page of your e-shop plays a vital role in capturing those buyers who are intend to explore your store. Showing them impression of professionalism by compelling business tag line and unique points of selling; for example, free shipping, easy returns, risk free shopping etc. This can turn your customers into successful buyers.

Place your best sellers in the home page along with the order buttons to make it easy for them to buy instantly. Once you leave a good impact on your home page for your customers, you will see the incredible results of traffic generation with less bounce rate.

Product page optimization:

Check your product relevant search queries and intelligently implement them. Add new product tags for your product’s search; also, allow customers add tags to your products for better results of searches.
You can also invite customers to provide reviews on products bought, it’s a wonderful source of getting free unique content on your store; it will leave positive impression on new visitors and search engines as well.

Use the images of highest quality for your products with up-to-date information of your products i.e. if your product is out of stock right now then leave a notification of “out of stock”.

Keep the content exclusive:

Avoid duplication of your e-shop content, means content and products in the shop should be unique and different in every page of your store. Use the meaning full names of your products, if products are of similar category; to avoid duplication, set canonicalization or 301 redirects appropriately.

Remember no one likes to read too much content, use only impactful content describing exclusiveness of your products and business. Writing accurate content which entirely focus on that specific page can thrive into visitors mind and in search engine results.

Configure your website speed:

Letting your customer to wait to look into your website and products can be irritating for them. To get better SEO and conversion of your visitors into successful customers website speed is highly important. To configure your site speed and make it load faster, minimize and refine your JavaScript and CSS code lines.

Use a host server which can accurately handle your magento store and also use CDN (content delivery network) which can reduce the load on your server and users can access your website store content fast from their near location. High performance speed can only be achieved when the code is well done and details are configured properly.

Checkout process optimization:

You are getting many visitors on your store, but what about their behavior on your store? Are they completing their purchase or just leave in the checkout process because of sensitive information you are asking and length of your checkout is quite long too?

Don’t let your customers put the back button, when they have selected an item and willing to pay for that. You can use a third party advice to test and check the quality of your checkout page and ask them the experience they have then optimize it again, if it’s not working to convert. Keep your checkout process with no strings attached to it. Provide customers complete sense of their shopping bag.

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