3 Ideas for Creative Website Development

Those who are new to internet business are often struck with the concept that they would need to create their website from scratch. Over 60% of people use pre-made website templates and then alter them according to their needs. This process is called as customization and it has given birth to many open source and paid ecommerce platforms such as Magento, OpenCart, Shopify etc. Each one offers unique and creative designs in terms of Magento Themes, OpenCart Themes and Shopify Themes.

The best tip you could ever get is to use these Themes rather than creating from scratch. Important reason is that most of the popular themes’ selling websites have strict criteria to advertise and sell themes, so for the most part quality is assured. Secondly you can see how your products and services will look like on live demo, so you are not blind. In a manual creation of website you often end up in changing things which cause frustration for you and developer. It may also raise expenses for you.

A solid idea is that you can get a Magento Theme under $60 whereas to develop it from the scratch you might have to pay four or five times more than this. And that too depends on your requirements, if developer has to work more then you pay more. Another brilliant idea is that most of these themes include paid tools as free, so you don’t have to purchase and then incorporate them.

Why would you need those plugins?

You will need those because they offer relevant and user required functionality such as if you have a watch store then you its way better to showcase watches of different brands, but this plug-in or functionality cost about $100 alone whereas if you choose to buy Templates such as Magento Watch Store Themes, you get many paid plugins as free.

Below are some of the creative and outstanding Magento Themes to choose from.

1. JXM Generic 

Generic Magento Theme

2.  Style – Responsive

syle magento theme

3.  Absolute 

magento templates

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