3 Top Class Free Magento Extensions for Banner/Slider

Its regardless to mention the worth of premium Magento extensions as we all know that the premium products are usually more functional as compare to free one. But still if we use the free goodies efficiently then we can make our self able to go for the premium one. Following three are the most downloaded free Magento banners/slider extensions from Magento commerce.

  • Interakting Slider

  • FME Simple Banner

  • Banner Manager

Interkating slider is on the top of the list with more than 16k downloads since uploaded. Though the average no. of downloads is greater than any other banner extension but the extension has not been updated since the day uploaded, that makes this extension only compatible with only 1.3 and 1.4 version of Magento.

FME’s Simple Banner comes on second place after interkating slider. The extension is pretty much well maintained and is fully compatible up-to 1.5 version of Magento. The number of downloads till the date are 6.5k. It allows you to create sliding banner, the admin of the store and add/remove the images, update the dimensions as per requirement and also the image can be resized through this extensions.

Though Banner Manager is the last of this list but there are so many others which have not made through it yet. Banner manager extension is on no. 3 with 1.5k plus downloads till the date. As per developers information, its a simple module for the Online store that allows the store administrator to create and manage the home page banner easily.

If you are lacking some budget for your store and still looking to enhance the credibility of your online store then Free Magento Extensions are the perfect choice to opt. It would not enhance the credibility of your store but also it will make you upto this much that you will be able to update your store with more functional and premium Magento extensions and modules.

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