Why Social Media Is Critical To Online Success Of E-commerce Store – Couple Of Best Modules for Social Media Networks

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The social media sites have become a commercial platform for all kind of businesses. The people from all age groups and professions are on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and etc. The e-commerce shopping stores have realized the fact that beyond search engines there is another strong source of traffic and sales. The question arises how to handle all these networks at the same time. The social media management may require a team and resources that a small e-commerce store may not able to afford. The popular open source shopping carts does not come with the social media applications except few having very basic social media management feature. The merchant may not need to hire a team for the social media management as he can use the added features available for difference e-commerce shopping carts, the two best social media modules so far includes Prestashop Facebook comments module and Prestashop share module.

Prestashop Share And Follow Module:

share and followDemo URL

As the name reveals it has two blocks one is for share and the other is for follow. The visitors can follow you on social network accounts using the buttons placed in follow block.

Whereas the Prestashop share module allows visitors to share the product or post page on their social network accounts. This helps to make the customers as your brand ambassadors.

Prestashop Facebook Comments Module:

Facbook Comment Module

Demo URL

Customer feedback is critical for the long terms success of the business. When the pages are shared on social networks with spamy comments and feedback then it reduces the chances of having high sales volume. FME Modules has introduces a new extension for PrestaShop Facebook Comments. It allows merchant to remove spam free feedback as this extension accepts the comments sent using Facebook accounts only.

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