Best Prestashop Modules Of 2013 – Trendy Modules For Trendy Prestashop Store

Prestashop as we all know is one of the top most growing e–commerce shopping cart solution software.  Prestashop wins the when the comparison is made with Magento on the basis of its“ease to use.”  Magento no doubt has a greater learning curve to get started with it where as Prestashop requires less which makes it favorable for all those e-merchants who are good in doing entrepreneurs but has less technical know-how.

Prestashop comes with 310+ free features but all those features fulfill basic requirements of an online store. There are thousands of modules available for those stores who wish to take their store one step forward by offering products in better way and to handle store in more easy way. Below is the list of some Best Prestashop Modules that every store should have to stay alive in competition.

Prestashop Customer Feedback Module

Advance Testimonials Module

Testimonials module is the basic requirement of every store no matter which platform he is using what he is selling. The research has proved that the testimonial can improve sales up to 10%. People tend to buy product when they find satisfactory reviews about the company’s product and after sale services. The Advance customer feedback / Testimonials module help merchants to create and manage a separate testimonials page where users can post new review and they can rate the review posted by another customer. The Admin can edit and approve the reviews to make sure all reviews posted are useful and real.

Payment Gateway And Check out Module

Prestashop Checkout

The module helps merchants to improve its user experience but offering him multiple modes of payment and by reducing the steps involved in checkout. This is considered as the basic requirement because people tend to abandon cart when they find irrelevant payment gateway and checkout system demanding long list of useless details which customer do not want share. Avoid asking much details and while choosing see the most popular payment gateway in your target market.

Prestashop Social Share Module

Share and Follow Module

The social media is an important source of traffic and sales. A store cannot think to service in the market without having social media presence. After the Google the most visited website is Facebook which cannot be ignored at any cost. The latest modules have help website owners to make their customers as brand ambassador. People love to share the products on social media that they have purchased or about to purchase. This increases the store exposure on social media and thus helps in generating more traffic and more sales. This FME’s module can help Prestashop merchants to create two separate modules i.e. one for sharing button and the other one for follow buttons. Customer can share your product and they can follow you social network account as well.

Prestashop Ask A Question Module

FAQ + Product FAQ

The 2 most important pillars of content management is testimonials and FAQ management. A store can create and manage FAQ section in two ways one is that have a single FAQ page for the whole website and the other one is to have a FAQ tab under each product page. With the introduction of some advance level module the FAQ management has become easy. These modules allow customers to ask a question straight in the FAQ tab under product page or in the website main FAQ page. The merchant can ask those questions in the same tab / page in accordion style. This helps in creating a poll of QAs which can be used kept in the same page and will be used as FAQ for the new customers.

Pricing And Promotion Modules

15% on 3 products FME Modules

These module suits a situation where a website is having huge traffic but less sales. Pricing and promotion modules help in attracting the customers by offering promotion discounts and help in handling the prices and discounts of selected product or as a whole store. These modules various in features and requirement, the merchant will have to look for the module as per his requirements and if it not available then find a Prestashop developer who can make a module as per your requirements.

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