49 Euro Prestashop Module Turns Into 20% Profit Again n Again

It’s really fun, check out this PrestaShop module that has actually made this happen.

Sales Inclined

Advance Testimonials – Increasing Sales

For the past month i have been trying to collect all reasons that can increase sales. Many ideas on how to increase sales are well know but the tactics are hidden which are revealed below,

  1. Effective keyword research and content optimization can increase website traffic you are having at the own
  2. Developing a strong social circle to spread words of mouth and do referral marketing
  3. As obvious, the best link building strategy today is the guest posting. But what makes it successful is some value that you can put to it. Adding research, experiments, opinions etc with strong keyword optimization makes its robust.
  4. Selling through social networks such as Facebook stores, engage customers toward your brand, run contest and other fun activities to bring more people then direct them to your site.
  5. And YouTube, which we all know. But besides it there are few more services such as Vimeo etc.


What I Found After 1 month of Research

To make my decision final and to execute the plan i met with some website owners running a successful marketing campaign. Though it was hard to know most of what they do to sell more products but what shocked me was a key ingredient that was totally out of my research for generating ecommerce sales.

What was it?

These were few plugins that can trigger more conversions on your website. Prestashop customer review module is one of them which help in managing customer testimonials. About 18% sales were increased as a result of installing this plugin which you can download here. Along with this, numbers of general inquiries were reduced because of the following reasons;

  1. Customers found confidence because they could see testimonials
  2. They assumed that if Advance Testimonials works for number of people, it can surely work for them.
  3. The result was more clicks on “Buy Now”

Advance Testimonial costs 49 euro which pushed sales level to 18% higher giving store owners a bunch of profit again and again. But where would you include this in your marketing strategies, On Page or Off page marketing strategies. I believe this should be in fundamentals, when combined with link building and social marketing its can bring excellent results.

As a general rule of thumb always start your marketing campaign with doing some research about essential plugins that can bring more fruitful results. May it bring more success to your business.

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